The Crossroads


Choose Wisely  2020 - 2026



Uranus would be free, Astrologer wrote as the Planet of change, liberation & freedom moved into Taurus. The final blood moon I was  eager to see, feel, hoping for change to my lonely destroyed life. Its unusually huge size was stark, yet more amazing as the eerie darkness consumed the Sun. My old concrete site office was cheap to rent. Being alone and abandoned by my family, I'd become so much more aware within, hoping for a future, wishing for magical gifts the Universe would provide to me as redemption. I was searching for signs, revelation & messages. I deserved better fortune and felt a huge lost without my Children. The weather had changed dramatically into a thunderous rain storm but since that night,  my head had started ringing with this annoying buzzing sound and I pondered,


'bugger did I have to acquire Tinnitus too'. 


I sat down with a local paper the next day, returning from my walk with the dogs noticing a huge Dragonfly buzzing ardently around the leftover pool of water on site. All I could think about was 'Had the messenger returned'. The veil of oppression was heavy - And I fantasized about a new life. 'Haven't seen you for a few years my little friend' holding out a hand of faith. I went inside and washed, noticing a small patch of Angels Hair web lying across my t-shirt - the Orb Weaver returned too. I had not seen these totems of mine  for over two years now as other coincidences, miraculously started for me. My friend Sean had left his overly decorated scrapbook in the office.  His work described the Dreamtime he'd experienced over Christmas and the opening page was written in prose about the happenings prior to the 'Equilibrium' which somehow coincided with these Astrological events. The Dragonfly, Orb Weaver & the Hourman were also metaphoric terms he used in his book that he called Big Rheas Theor 'y' - describing a Theory of Consciousness being Change.  As I switch the Radio on a presenter eagerly spoke of breaking Headline news.


'Banking Royal Commission brings uncertainty for the stock market


I can only think quite differently to that of macro-economists & Institutional bankers, after so many years of actually conducting business at the coal face I had learned economy was incomplete, it needed something added to it. I could place no faith in Services who manipulated the odds in favour themselves using algorithms used by big investors - it seemed as if these fundamentalist Men, known here as the Hourman, found some shimmering eagerness to incarcerate us but Uranus could not be a slave. The great awakener was present in Astrology as Uranus moved into Taurus was described as a great Change for Mankind as the age of water ended. All sensibilities in this modern world of Neo-Liberal Macro fragility seemed fashioned for less satisfactory outcomes and the logic only profited a few individuals, who found pleasure in taking it from others. The Humidity was heavy, it lingered around as I entering my site office to find Sean's scrapbook lay open on a page he'd named 'Sublime'. The series of coincidence, even for a Physicist became almost too surreal:


'The Star of David' will appear again 2020 as the Planets Align...... 


A series of 'hammers'  astrologists called them, had started in the sixties and now we were in the final stages of these Seven  contiguous events that would lead us towards a new age,  of communication. The Word was powerful and the truth in it had to return to serve the majority of people, the Minority. Many theorists started to associate these Planetary alignments with Biblical revelations, noises in the sky, many people seeing 11:11 on the clocks and the great deception of a short & painful period in History from Religious dogma. Our Prestigious leaders though were failing miserably to create a better world and the Art of Conversation had become satirical & condescending online. People had been engineered to be compliant but communication on mass was changing this and I knew this factor alone would hold a mirror up to anyone. The numbers and the voice of community, was always going to be considerable, but the 'Word' needed unification for this throw-away macro world, as a collective message that most weren't happy.  The power in collective consciousness was more profound than most could imagine as History's page showed that when people rose above adversity all those Simpletons & Poets who controlled time without space would become the victims of rage, hence the term  Hourman.


'One Hashtag' 'One Picture' needed only to go viral to start the Change ...


I had trekked the Himalayan Mountains high country and as  I helped an elder ascend a steep flight of stairs in Nepal, the Monk said he felt the deep emotional regret of my past. He asked me 'you must define a word that is both a Noun and a Verb' and as he left my grasp he squeezed my arm and said - David  'It will be alright' Amen'al


When the Planets all align, a Conscious Change will sweep over Mankind...


The seventh Uranus & Pluto opposition was the catalyst and as the Titan planet moved into the Earthly sign of Taurus all would Change so said the astrologers;  it was  'the Word' Sean said; and interpreting truth in our words needed Change.  I was asking the Universe for forgiveness & mercy every day, although  was it my place to ask for  it? Many years as the scapegoat had besieged all my true potential energy,  the veil was heavy but at least with the Dragonfly and Orb weaver back, I suddenly realised I didn't feel that I was on my own again.  In the distance was a constant hum, crackling sounds, broken intermittently by rolling stock across the bridge as the unsettled weather pattern moved away from my site office. Great thunderous frequencies filled with resonate bass tones drew the ambient background into a symphony, akin to strings being plucked. I thought of  Social media and the noise like a tsunami of satire & sarcastic words filling the heads of Politicians with intimidating statements.  Social Media had grown in propensity, massively; and the people anger now had tools to communication worldwide with discontent:


All Debt Rescinded....


The monetary Affairs of the world are now in question as ordinary people suffer events beyond their control - fraudulent market algorithms, Bulls & bears, together with natural disasters, were creating much emotional pain and the propensity of losses clouding life's challenges further in rhetorical meanings over current events. Prestigious leaders everywhere were on notice  by the People  communicating their disgust as the words of revelation come to fight this pathetic suffering that was deemed unnecessary by academics, transferring hard earned money losses from the middle classes to pay for Institutional and capitalist printed debts that has a distinct smell of foul play. People worldwide were now empowered over the Idiocracy ruining poor people's lives.


Social media pages had become the new people's power over crime. The power of that voice was too great, and now threatened this ugly characteristic found in those Sean called the Hourman who'd been caught again stealing. I had felt the weight of object poverty and without money it was like the loss of a sixth sense that made the other five useless and after working so hard for that little piece of my pie, I only found through research that I was not alone.  The prestigious leaders had proven they could not move this Nation forward in any way as compared to the animals that adorned our emblem. 


Creation of our Children's future did not rely on Money - It relied on creation


It wasn't that common folk wanted fame & fortune, it was that they lacked the basics; money for Children's food and a few simple pleasures. Many taxes and charges only supported a chosen few as electricity had become unaffordable, Banks charged fees on savings accounts and the men who ran these major institutions earned bonuses of millions of dollars for the pleasure of printing money for services that weren't there in the first place; markets in Europe and America no longer could afford the interest bill and  huge deficits in a theatrical economy devoured peoples savings accounts through Austerity to make up for the economy they speculated was in a downward cycle. Shareholders and retirement money had been used to pay the bankers debt but they would now be on trial by the people who could not take anymore of this type of archetypal nonsense.


Fees on savings -  the greatest creativity of highly paid prestigious leaders......


This time community wanted real Change, to find Leaders who cared for prosperity, with the professional ability to plan for cleaner industry and local infrastructure, for online voting, a constant referenda, Idea's for innovation and for far more creativity for technology to serve us rather than use us. A productive agenda had to be found, in a micro format that could free our Children from being incarcerated, by a few, as Uranus had been in Greek Theatre. The Power of the people was enormous when aligned in one message and the modern Child was a highly intelligent, they had become educated on the social diseases created by poor intentions as academics started to write an alternative narrative to the main stream media. As I looked over the horizon, I imagined that the moving storm cell was plucking giant astral violin strings in thunderous tones to show sympathy with many struggling families. I hoped the noise rang inside the minds of all prestigious leaders, like that tinnitus and hoped it would never stop;  until the Universe stopped it.


Truthtelling, the greatest crisis facing Mankind......


As I read Sean's prophecy of these current affairs I noted he writes in plain words. As I read about these events, happening now, I feel he knew what would transpire with some greater understanding of the future,  that was now becoming a reality.


'One of your Children will succeed you - Amen'al'


Uranus, by 2022 would be free......