Intelligence is found on Earth

A New Word Order




The Elders had known that the World of Phenomena was quite different to that of an indivisible  Matter. The spiritual experiences that one searched for as answers to the quest, came only through a Conscious State - All reality could be seen in the relative thoughts of the land, water & Sky but the magic  of Quantum manifestation was only found available to those who searched for this Peaceful part of an existence in what we call Self - known of specifically today as the Dreamtime.


Mankind faced his own crossroads of Chaos.


The Enlightenment of Mankind had come swiftly and this beginning of awareness  was with Word - this Sound merely a frequency, became the hypothesis of meaning to communicate to others special emotions, of our intentions, suggesting on occasion  that forming a collective bridge, could help many, to bring about the gift of the Equilibrium too micro-community. And yet , for the white Man many continue to die for a few segregated stories of a mortal being, a noun whose all seeing eye taught us Money and war was needed over others who were considered as inferior  Gentiles.


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 Mankind finds Intelligence for Earth


Somewhere in the Heavens the Greatest One looked on with disbelief - The conscious Word could be received by all who walked this Earth, searching for peace - but it could not be received by those who consumed knowledge for themselves. This place was a Garden that would not be destroyed by any Man and any Man from the school of Socrates would not move forth under this Sun's light till admonished of his own unconscious state,  the truthfulness of life's unhappiness, for in the beginning, of all intelligence was simply communication given - yet the Word had also come with a responsibility.




The stories of a past that had created so many Gods, statues and idols which had come to be the basis for communicating Mankind's emotions to the sky, but these manifestations needed to be challenged by a covenant, that was given to simply guide One Blood.  This would soon be known on Earth as the one divine creator, the unspeakable, the unknowable whose Sun was given to provide our light.  So few had brought so much pain to so many people and the awakening of Man's consciousness was its own right action for religions that were just unconscious stories Tran-scripted for and transpired to many dramatic meanings for purpose - created by Old Men for their personal folly and their control over your time.


There could only be One in all  faith - The Greatest One.....


The Father's of this Earth were about to look at the Sun for the first time,  immediately brought to their knees, relinquishing their control over 'U' as written in the stories given by the fraudulent scribes. The angered unconscious state that fought for Possessions and the vanity of Capitalism was about to understand itself within.  This awakening was destiny to see that the light was all around them too, realizing that they were the only living things causing pain. The greatest One was a covenant, the real beauty was created for those hearts who searched to lose the pitiful soldiers games in some distant vagrant pride.




The Woman of the World was Man's catalyst  for change. She was Matter and her beauty was all he desired, but a few evil Men of such poor quality clay had required submission to find their glory and this belief was cast into their pathetic religious stories & commandments placed upon her.  As the  Men fretted around at their villages, burnt, torn apart, all possessions gone, they saw there was no safe place left for their Children.  Astonished by the rubble and desolation brought on by their own hands they cried with pain in disbelief of the Ana-key that had passed through them as anger for so many centuries under


Saturn's precessionary movement of time....... 


In the unbearable heat & intolerable cold, brought about by poisoning the sky an unveiling would occur.  This simple change gave Woman further courage to wear the brightest colours Earth gave - a  celebration started for life and that would consume the evil Minority Globally.  The Goddess who bare the greatest one within had awoken from her deep sleep; and with Children standing by her feet, now educated, challenged all previous known meanings cast over life. And they would not be challenged as their Word came only with the truth, so harsh, so forthwith it was a weapon of mass destruction for the 2000 years of unconscious rhetoric. 


 The Children would rise to succeed the Father......



Precessionary movement of the Heavenly sphere's was finally understood as theatre over life and no longer could the Hourman move us towards the tragedy of the tribulation forecast by Super power  virtues that  created the false flag  existence built upon fear. No longer may 'U' be consumed by the fires of mischief or will you sacrifice the Son for stories of theology.


A great Woman, an academic, wanted markets to become time dependant as life operated and she also knew that micro-community was in reality the whole Worlds economy that struggled and that nothing could change until this strict movement of time was again un-inhibited from the greedy  forces that controlled  our future movement.



She had come from the bloodline of the Oldest known civilization on Earth, a proud background, strong and resilient to a heritage with an understanding there cannot be a start,  a middle and and end to Man's known complex Universe. She was to awaken Man to an Egoistic mind. It was for time that Man lingered for eternally and she deliberated much on how things had evolved on this Planet in such a misogynous patriotic state.


There was so much talk of what should be done, what we must do, always lingering rhetorically around stories that highlighted the past's  figures and why these regular statements had caused the fears of so many whom were trapped in a system of slavery. She was going to set the record straight. For 60,000 years we had had good micro-economy and a few dreams to talk about down under and this was a basis for an academic life in Indigenous education.


From the oldest known culture, Kunapipi could not believe of how the white man's system of slavery had created the money Pyramids with so few at the top of the spiral; and yet so many below suffered,  abused and controlled by this thing they called time.


In a letter to our PM  'much is needed to change out there brother. My Children are dying here and turning to stone from these stories of the past and these stories are only a couple a hundred years old;  don't make no sense to me no more' 


It didn't  matter to her of the days stock market report. It didn't matter to her of the poor talk about our great Country's decline by hindsight economics and reporters, It didn't matter to her of the declining mining boom. It didn't matter to her of the futures markets: she wanted a simple ness, to get back her man and for him to find happiness building villages again as only a Woman wanted, so her Children could be raised and looked after in the dreamtime  understanding who they were.




The messenger Kunapipi appears in Dreamtime after a great comet appears over the sky:


'Take me to all these great leaders PM' and let me set em straight again about this Sun giving light to life; to shed some dreams on this place so they can build again for a better future without all these hobbled words that go around and around in the hindsight. There is only one Earth and she is our spirit over our garden. Dis & dat has been a part of our rich culture here for many many moons now and we'd had known of good economy right here for 60,000 years. Its only the last two hundred its turned to all this looking back in hindsight. We'd known about the Rainbow serpent, we known about precessionary movement of the stars from our astrologers and these Women's groups worldwide need to hear all  this from Aunty;  Music can change this World and we'll give it to them.  Kunapipi told me  'awaken dem to the light, all dis comes as the Sun glows brightest  over a Band of Peace: to show the colours of this Earth and show Men my Sun is alive'



Peace on Earth will come to reality when intelligence is again found in the Word. This dream said to go out  and call upon them. Gather thousands upon thousands of Women and tell them 'migrated towards the troubled zones and show yourself.' They must be dressed in the brightest colours of Earth and cheerfully attired, no trouble; and be like him,  dat man Gandhi: and Children will stand close by these Women's feet and they will not react but sit calm as the music plays, non stop, till those sleeping Men lay down their steel. These Day's will be protected by the greatest one and this ominous Power of above will watch over you all and not even the nastiest Dictator with the biggest ego will have the courage to stop my will.



" The great villages of the Middle east, the Pyramids and the Coliseums must be built again as is thy will . And you'll stand amongst them Women" as the elder of  Earth.


The Men must build again, putting down their guns and armaments to get dirty hands as their freedom from boredom;  And for their Children sake who must live away from these oppressive blokes. You will not be moved again until I have been herd by all.


Kunapipi said 'Aunty, the  tourists will come again to these great lands and will see all your good means, your good foods, the colours for the greatest cultures that abide on this Planet then shall share in my covenant to hold you all forever more."


Land of the rising Sun......


Aunty was taken by the PM on a plane around the World to spread the words of the prophecy. She talked direct and in haste with the Presidents Michelle, with the Queen of England and her cabinet and with the Kings of the UAE.  She spoke in Egypt to the people, sang at many Peace Concerts and then with the Clerics & the  Pope of the changes that would become this fate. She talked to the Senators of Europe and told each of them of her Dream and with urgency for repatriation of the given spirit of nature.


Unveil all the beautiful Women.......


She gathered the Women folk and spoke firmly of the colours that must be shown, of nature, of the gift of temperament that must be shown as she told of  the rising Oceans with a warning of great floods that would besiege all of them: that the Sun would create their future swollen in rivers of death over any Man who's egos denied her: and of losses to those of the angered state who tried to continue against these words.  Men had to build higher so he could flee his families above the rising Sea's. Only then by bringing peace back to this Planet could the Equilibrium come.


And once these words complete my will, a great comet,  will pass through the sky to the East as I herald the Oracles call for Amen to all people to succeed the Father's control over time. Build this world of artifacts with concrete, wood, collected metals and artistry.  Celebrate the gift of the Word.  All this will be and the Pharaohs will live once more surrounded by our matriarchs intuition created by a Man's hands and all this will be admired by generation for times to come. The Power over time is collective from the great Mother's heart and is given by thee for my children's future, as the warmth of light that absorbs a spirit who will never pollute this playground ever again. And Sacred Knowledge will be revealed to all who abide my gift of freedom........



Jupiter metaphorically will be a future of abundance and this focus is our rebirth from Saturn who only sees itself as such an unconscionable state into the mirror. The Rainbow Serpents staff will awaken him to Macro-demise and from this admonishment of peculiarity the circle of greater understanding will come full cycle as is Kunapipi, the will of fate, that rises from the ashes like the Phoenix. The Father will see a Sun for the first time, and of which cannot be sacrificed anymore by the rings of ego that have blinded him for twenty four hundred years.



Dark matter will come to those who will not listen and the Children whom had turned to stone will be spewed from the Father as brought about under the resurrection of the Sun's light.

As the ceremonial tributes flow the rings of Saturn will dissipate and form around Jupiter to  continue a belief that precessionary movement of Earth's consciousness is as great  as peace & oneness.




The Hourman, the sinner, of Saturn's worship, who could enslave people in his systems of time will free himself of his own entanglement, of his own Drama, of his own stories as his gold rings and binary covenants are lifted from the Children on Earth. Austerity will no longer threaten life and prosperous communities will live under one Word, Intelligence - to rebuild the villages and artifacts so poorly treasured.



And Music will fill the hearts and minds of the children globally as peace is finally known here on this lonely Planet. Each Child given a Tablet and each  Child given freedom to speak their mind to others communicating of this greater understanding connected in this new age.





Aunty watched as the arms came to be piled  one upon another and with so many the pile will grow towards the sky. And they all will watch as the movement of Women bright and unscathed by fear gathered those weapons and placed them in ovens to become ornaments with a piece given to each Goddess, a piece given to each child and a piece given to each man to wear from this day as Kunapipi had instructed, so they will be reminded of what had been their past and how they would not go to these lengths ever again. Emotions and anger within must be understood as pathetic over falsified stories of our creator, the Greatest One, who resides within, for the future of peace on Earth.




All this will become all of you.......




Intelligence was given by the Greatest One

To love the Children & the Mother - Earth



'x' + 'y' = One