The Word Returns





9:23 - He said unto him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes


I believe in one almighty God with all my heart, but I cannot believe in the words of Mankind. Religion had come to this Earth over such a short period in time, considering the History of enlightenment, abounding in fear and destruction, lambasted across the World in complex texts, inquisitions & torture, but  these stories translated as if, the unknown spirits greater wisdom had somehow been reserved, but only for a few. The truth for some, I believe had become a game,  that tears apart and then reassembles facts, using an  imagination so irreparable, so hungry for control, that they came upon us all, like  a thief in the night - but this could not be our  Fate. Considering a perverted and unconscious will, some would say a sign from the almighty was much more in order than simple probability for the scribes who could named themselves  above others.  Such rich perverted Men it seemed could only be brought to bare from an almighty event in our History.  And so,  the divider of Men created the Tri'bul'ation as the Religious affirmation for their true Idol,  Money. The Word had become a commodity since they crucified the Son of God. Could this love of wealth & force be the sickness that has become  a few Men & Women:  to revere money more than our common point of singularity. The signs of change are everywhere, The blood Moons, Day of atonement, Yom Kippur, astrology, science, earthquakes in abundance, Climate Change & finally nine twenty three, 2015 - Judgment Day. 'Oh but nothing happened?'


9:23 - O you who have believed, do not take your Fathers or your Brothers as allies if they have preferred disbelief over belief:

And whoever does so among you - then it is those who are the wrongdoers


There could be no Wars on Earth, without emotional, frail Men and their abomination & desolation for the Word. There could be no economy for Mankind without kindness, sharing and understanding of the Word. There could be no love, peace & vitality upon Earth without Word, for we are all given to this Earth with the spirit that casts light over this dark matter -  For everything is understood, everything is started, and everything is finished by the Word, so while on Earth, God can only be with you in Word. Without the miracle of Word you'd be pointing at each other frustrated trying to communicate in a game of charades.  It seems to me the only real protection on Earth can therefore be the truth in Word. If you lie, then it seems certain you will face an equal and opposing force of the Universal Power, known of as Karma. So in this year of prophecy will atonement be God's will or Mankind's folly. If HAARP can create earthquakes and change the ionosphere, if Algorithums can manipulate World Stock Markets, if elections can be won by mass media intervention, if underground bases have been built on every continent, then it seems more reasonable that events on nine twenty three could also be fabricated purposely - for if the great unknown spirits had written such of destruction, then it seems logical that the almighty could have also averted this terrible future. Our God could not be all forgiving, all powerful and yet serendipitous .


9:23 - And now you are cursed - And there shall never fail to be slaves from you - And hewers of wood and drawers of water for the house of my God, Saturn


You are a slave, but not to almighty God, for without us and without our words 'nothing' could be his only reward for this creation of matter, we know of as Earth. You are a slave to prescriptive texts, to the dividers of Mankind and the insane psychopaths  who  celebrate drinking the blood of Christ in their pretty gowns. It is with certainty that the evolution of intelligence that we all can manifest to some degree will overcome such adversity one bright day in this new Age of Communication.  The Children are now connected and together when the planets align in Equilibrium,  they will awaken to these heathen criminals to true illumination. God if placed correctly in your heart is love, beauty and such enlightenment could not given for life to be miserable nor unconscionable. You do not need to pay for these gifts as they simply are. The uncountable reams of texts that have formed morals over the last two thousand years cannot be as given by above - for no words could God place in our minds that carry fear over simple consciousness. The Woman will not be submissive when awoken, nor are you given unto others. Your Children will not be used or abused by the Church of pedophilia, nor will a perfect Earth with water, sky & oceans be destroyed by speculation. Take care my brothers & sisters for the times ahead are brewing in trouble, but the People will win, as that is the way of true Power and together when intelligence is again found we will overcome the forces of Evil.


And so Judgment must come, from a crowd as the return of Word to  Mankind


Let those who can  hear listen, and those that who listen,  understand - for the Word is your only true protection for this life. The power of the people is in its numbers and when that power over social media is aligned, to speak frankly, with courage and with determination, that Power cannot be beaten or enslaved ever again. It is the crossroads we are facing as the sea level rises. One hash-tag may be all that's needed to change this World forever, so our Children may awaken to  the Hourman who cares not for such beauty, that has been bestowed to this Earth.