An Energy crisis

'x' + 'y' = One

E = M + C



Force over the power of life is vigorous. Egotism in  Man makes him unwilling to accept the meaninglessness of life and when he has unhappily found himself no longer able to believe in a higher power, he could flatter himself as the servant, sought to give it more significance for himself in  constructing certain myths that seem to further his immediate welfare. The great writers have a notion that truth has evolved to a place in this life for rhetorical reasons & money. Man invests his time with ethical qualities such as Courage, Honour and independence of spirit, which indeed are often shown by his insistence on truth, but which in effect have nothing what so ever to do  with it. If truth is a value it is because it is true and not because it is brave to speak it.  If truth is an ultimate value, it seems strange that no person seems to quite know what it is in their own heart. Man has always sacrificed truth for his vanity and the Political World knows this ultimately for the short terms they preside over. It is impossible then to say that the truth has any intrinsic values for our Children's future,  using the datum's currently employed by the stories of man, we should all worry. This philosophy, The course of law and effect, was described by Einstein as simple literature.


The great tragedy of life is not that man will perish, but they have ceased to search for love. .....


The adoration of Earth is 60,000 years in the making of the known truth shown by our native ancestors of a future that can only come without the genetically modified  existence provided by the Hourman. We live therefore, not by truth but in the make believe of the Hourman's idealism for simple solutions. The effort he makes in attaching the prestige of his control over his opinions of truth only invests in great fictions he has invented to satisfy some personal self-conceit.


There is no energy crisis......


Controlling the World's energy output requires wars, it requires the use of the poorer  that starve,  placing rhetorical speeches around the fore, can these acts be justified as godly or truth?  The belief that the World will run out of energy is a furfy, a neat rhetorical package that the political World needs over our existence, and it is offered with intimidation;  that soon all the lights will go out.  But Virtue is its own reward.


So what is energy.....?


Einstein theorized that Matter is energy and if you look at everything around you you will start to wonder if there is any truth in anything you hear at all these days stating a lack of it? The World is threatened, that demand will outstrip supply, but that must be a lie too, as when I look around there is Matter about everywhere, and something to matter about. The reason we are told that the energy crisis is around the corner is because the Hourman takes 62c of every dollar you earn to provide your inefficient starting point for life as electricity: considering the number of people in the World it adds up to a big ticket for a comfortable existence of the chosen few. And yet the creation of power in the form of electrical energy we receive only pollutes the sky and at your home power point is only 38 cents in the dollar efficient. These are the simple solutions this thesis keeps pointing out that are unsatisfactory for our true existence. The creators of business  need to dig a little deeper into the past to see that our needs are simply not being fulfilled for any truth.  Struggling does no ennoble Men


it makes them meaner and nastier......


Considering relativity, Mass becomes great energy when it is accelerated and light from the Ice Sun is a perfect example. The power for life is a simple formula,  If you can see the Sun in the morning sky,  you are alive. The power given by the Universe is ultimate, there is none greater, it is clean, it is free and it is there every day for your life. The power you cannot  look at is formed through many small elements,  many in number. We only need the ignition from the Sun to form an idea, to see what words are written, to charge a battery. Today we can power a house, a building, a hospital, a bridge, locally; from small power plants on demand is a power supply can be developed cleanly. Power can be added when and where we need it and this philosophy is affordable.  The thought that our building codes could demand power on site is a simple & relative thought that for all of us is quite easy to conceive, but not so easily to implement from a political motive. We know how to scrub chimney's, and we know how elementally to separate CO2 into basic elements.


A large slice of our power needs are on roofs now......


I look forward to a new age without hearing them discussing Iguanas and without wasting our taxpayers money on the political degradation of each other rather than the important issues.  Change must come  in serving this Sovereign land with new ideas, bi-partisan intentions and real meaning for the constituents fate.  Our tax payers money has been wasted for too many years now especially as there is  no energy crisis to speak of: 


A Wasted Peace of Mind......?


Our great Island could be a very wealthy nation if the consumable cost of inefficient power supplies was removed from our transport system of infrastructure and the power for the common house hold was free and this fact is happening  right now


as there is no energy crisis.