Daughter of the Ice Sun




Determinism tells us that choice will follow the line of least resistance, or for some, the strongest motive towards Equality.  Earth turns once and completely every 24 hours - a true statement  and with a little intuition  most of us understand that this Planet of  'Matter' alone supports our Children's future.  In Australia +60,000 years ago the first Woman gave Seven Sisters to  this vast Island and since then ancient indigenous culture have survived on this ancient land,  collectively. Earth's environmental destruction over such a short period of time, is at a tipping point and as the Planets all align, she begins the flood of tears. The fork in the road is here now as the crossroads  cast light over our future,  six eclipse's 2020 - six years to choose 2026 signalling the start when we will be forced to awaken to our environment? or completely fail to provide a future for our Children. Revelation, the manufactured great deception; years of evil & failures that have  exposed the Earth signs to their incarceration digitally.  The spirituality taught to you hopefully brings a greater good for others in understanding collectively, that you and your Children each live in a body that has been given consciousness from the Dreamtime of two parents.  Abundance must be profoundly available now through simple  contemplation of the intense rainfall - that you've noticed.


The ocean is rising and will not stop for the next hundred years....


The Power of the Universe only ever absorbs - yet this conductive 'Energy' is given in stillness for it is only Nine parts of the equation for movement. The unconscious 'Matter' and beauty upon Earth conducts the desire of a Man to find that completion. This  one part is best shown by attraction, in the magnetic force of the strings and quantum understanding the Muse can adhere too.  A Woman conducts her life more similar to Oxygen in this thesis and to feel complete she only needs a seed to prophet this life. If creation is binary, then her movement when completed could only generate  prophet - as a Child is born.  'He' is  given to the eternal search for Matter and with passion can only find completion with a Woman - his Self added to 'Why?' for 'x' + 'y' could only equal One. We are alive mechanically from one turn of this great Planet and 'her' soil, sky and water must not be harmed in any way,  for our existence would be then shown to be false. 'He' creates a laminar flow for you that completes you as love is found or business is needed. All this reported apathy we seem to face continually cannot be the work of the the Greatest One, as nothing is predestined in the bandwidth of life: but the Light has seen the future and the Son will continue to rise each day so the faith you worship, must equate to One if it is  true. The Divinity of this Planet is given only to procreate life. Your body, your hair your skin comes from Dream-time and it is plausible to consider that to find happiness, some direction is needed now to fulfil the Visions of a better future.  The Laminar flow of light empowers one to see a 'Word' in the first place - yet


A noun had been placed before all other Spirituality......


It is this creativity always that comes before profit and income: the analogue matter conducts life and the attractive light can guide it toward truth and yet throughout evolution we find the Tree of Knowledge has been consumed by short term greed. The Binary spoken words  now have two meanings, we endure but this is not survival. We are now also connected by the foundations of global communication that adds a unique Human function to this equation for life's continuum known of as Doubt. We can express ourselves freely online and that is an unparalleled change to rewrite the falsely interpreted history of Mankind.  There are no places to hide now for evil men and the fury of the Children with their higher intelligence now questions all this violence and economy as just inefficient propaganda over the destruction of Environment. The Father has become entangled in the many stories of righteousness and our prestigious leaders are shown to lack any creativity to provide sustainable movement for life as the carbon Children turn to Stone through the mechanisms of controlling time through Fear.


a Man + love could  see the real beauty given to our  Mother Earth......


This Planet is far greater than the simpleton; the Hourman and his forces over time - only her  Matter  with his simple Idea  could create movement:  the greatest equation was:  ' x '  +  ' y '  =    One


This consciousness on which we live does not want  the Son to be sacrificed any more in fictions that are vague and only a few hundred years old. Educated Women are powerful administrators and they're the intuition that knows ancient cultures on Earth have traditions that are successful for life - and this story is not created by a scholar or interpreted by a Man for his dominance over others. The  new conscious age of communication is rising like the Phoenix from the ashes as the Children fear the controlling forces over time  collectively. Father's save the Son from the stories of a recent past and release all tension as you see 'Matter' in the light of your Sun for the first time: then you will be guided towards paradise that is right here on Earth. Keep the Guns out of the Children's hands and free them from the nightmare of a segregated destruction through corporate wars and pathetic religious hatred.


One everlasting truth is provided by the light that comes every day and in 24 hours we will turn back Earth's accelerated aging clock 18 years over night by implementing processes that bring light and power to dry communities on demand. We can provide a skilled education and relieve all poverty,  in many small communities who are given the gift of  micro-economy. Women your power for this life is to absorb this missing peace as the Matriarch teaches us that love never causes the problems of life or is it given for misery. Patience is one second of process and we do have to contemplate the age of communication being a tool, for people to find that love is the magic, dancing between separate and whole individuals who do not collapse themselves into each others fragile emotions.

Man + Woman

`x'  +  `y'  =  A Child

Life is given as

` Male '  +  ` Female ' 

A Son/Daughter is born - (perfection)

`x'  /  ' x '   'y' / 'y'

Our current Truth is False

`x' (NOUN)  > `x' + `y'   

MALE      =           FORCE   

                       LIFE'S POWER  


.1        =     `x '




.9        =   ` Y '  or  Why?




 .1 + .9      =  ONE  OR  LIFE


Ask yourself  Questions and question the formula thoroughly great Women of the World.  Interpolate with the  numbers shown above if need be. Earth is a divine power, an inexplicit Truth; and that truth is all around you, see drama for its emotional value and let some light into your life. Under a similar consciousness, the truth of minding our own business from stories will save our Son's from these stories of a recent past.


Your body has come from Rock,  Water,  the Ice Sun and all is given so you may see the light of the Greatest One.  All the great Prophets came from this Mother and our ancestors knew 60,000 years ago that all have come to this Earth from a Mother. Look at the Sun Women of the World - Do not accept any reason or story anymore that tells you to fight for some Spirituality or that special privileges have been given to your prophet. The Father exists for our guidance, and as the seed speaks of the beautiful stories of creation that completes you.


The Greatest Ones does not condone violence for any reason for as above so below. The Senators & Kings of the World must now choose their path as the future of sea water rises on this lonely Planet. Shiites, Sunni, Jew, Christian, Orthodox and Mason Save your Son's from the stories of a past: you are all from the same blood - 'One second of Process' is now demanded to face the rising swell of oceans.


Unveil Woman, you are all beautiful and the Matriarchal energy rising  will now carry you forward to confront poor administration, Government business, Order & Markets. Awaken him to beauty everywhere - And encourage dirty hands and the business of passionate minds as soon there will be Intelligence to make that choice - Choose wisely


Manifesto of the first Woman....