T H E   I C E   S U N 

Energy  Frequency Matter






Everything Comes from Nothing



And so all matter, pity, apathy & Drama had been absorbed into a state of darkness & nothingness. The power of the Universe had once again absorbed everything.  This state could not sustain life until the Death of un-conscious matter once again respected the Aether. Stone had become the stillness. The 'Nothingness' was a pre-destined state to cleanse all Matter; for below had changed from above.  And so the tranquility & peace of the nothingness came to bear; no heat, no creativity, no movement, no emotions, just vagueness. New beginnings could only be with  'the Word' maybe


Crucified by man......


But, Matter, the feminine could only react violently in similarity and the potential of 'maybe' could only provide the light.  After three days, stripped from within, she would give birth to the potential  energy of light from within her womb, from the dark matter.  The feminine Matter becoming two new separate elements <'0.1' + '0.9'> matter separated into need for an oxidant & the accelerant; but this time proportional, efficient.  The Sun would rise from this nothingness to radiate him as conscious aberration to respect the magnificent matter under light.  The light searched  to complete the garden once again.  New birth, varying pressures transformed to solid, liquid &  gases. The divine feminine and the light expanding rapidly throughout the Universe and over this Earth from the divine equation 'x' + 'y' = One


a child born under the light......


Within the light from the Ice Sun  water was given, sublimating on Earth in the daughter's gravity as  a thin atmosphere. The five stages of the journey had started  in new birth, new beginnings - freedom. Each stage of the journey had to be awoken along a creative timeline in the great library of knowledge, the cleansing of rejuvenated souls. The centre of the Sun was a Glyph, an ice mass, a thousand degrees of separation between its centre and the external dark Matter and given as the energy from the unknown spirit; transmitting a divine will throughout the Universe - a wireless network of stars spreading to eternity.


 'x' + 'y' = One as  Life......a Child is born


If the old saying is true 'As Above,  So Below'  then we are given to nurture ourselves so we may help others. The bright light we see empowers the positive gifts of  Intelligence by seeing a Word.  As the Rain comes & weather patterns change again the precession of Jupiter carries the sacred feminine scepter across our polluted skies with a message of Storm, Tempest and greater flooding - The Earth is now at the crossroads of water. She is an object you can blame,  so fear her. Akin the stories of our Elders,  of Rainbow serpents & historic floods, respect of these divine processes that are on display for all to awaken too. This Ark, an Island will again form  vast inland water systems and greener backyards as a choice is revealed.  Build high up on hills or suffer.


the first Woman......


Awaken the peace within, inner health, Innovation & creative prosperity.  Graduates,  understand truth is the only real protection in one's life. Consume yourself with  productivity & happiness and with dirty hands choose your Objectives, as your gift is found within absorbing the hard labour of success with the Dreamtime - consciousness before Matter.   It is the dawning of a great new age of communication and the greatest business plan is simply to survive the Chaos chosen by a few;  created by War & Poverty.  As the period of equilibrium arrives,  your Power is to Harvest together, behind one subject. In 2020 the planets will align with choice to make this harsh land profitable or fail. 


Father's save your Children from these 'Stories' of a past. 


You must awaken to the inefficient language that accelerates life specifically: as you are bored of poisoned words and you reject the manipulation of men who name themselves in Holly scripts. The divine light brings a renewed clarity to contemplation, that Macro-war and terror must end.  Clarity to dispel all darkness collectively. Plan for  simpler rules and regulations  and destroy the emptiness of chaos, emotional pity & Drama. Our future is shown to be false under the current ways.  The first woman, Earth is our bloodline, our garden of Infrastructure and we understand that if one person hurts her then we will all bleed. 


The greatest one , the Mother has not given her Sun to be abused...... 


You who are the source of all power

Whose rays illuminate the whole World

Illuminate also in my heart

So that it too can do your work.....


Recite this,  you will find peace that exists within. The Ice Sun,  Rhea, watches sadly as the greed for Earth's gifts have turned her Children to stone by reducing the space in their time through debt.  The Poets have become the controlling forces over this life yet the floods will awaken us all to the failures, the prestigious leaders who have failed administration for 2020 years.  We must fear the water rising.  But also as in the story of the Phoenix, that mythical bird that consumes itself in the fire, we must  rise from these ashes we call fate, with atonement given by   the cycle of life - for if we choose unwisely our path cannot be saved from floods and ice.  The Elders  of ancient knowledge knew the Sun has been given by a Mother; and that knowledge is 60,000 years in the making.


Everything comes from the nothing.......