Leaven E Leaven


As Above : So Below

                                                                                                                      Sean Jupiter QBE




The Enlightenment of Mankind I believe, could only have risen with the gift of an alchemical agent  - I speculate further that this 'yeast' has already been determined as the work of the Greatest One and to me the leaven was simply the Word;  but was this spectacular rise in awareness, the creative nourishment, intended to compliment below with the recognition of this magical place given with such overwhelmingly beauty that it deserved to be cared for with our love. Mankind's origins had only to concern itself with the intrinsic principles of hunting and gathering food, but Consciousness had added the appreciation of sound, craft and beauty - it developed empathy within us for one another and through curiosity, to the point where we could finally communicate our inner feelings and pain. From this alchemical moment the Word could then only have been given privilege to rise and fall naturally like a heart beating as above, so below. The bandwidth of substance in our given words varies greatly even to this day when current Emotions are seconded from the conversations on display and these forms of expression we aim towards one another do seem to lack sensibility from some when humour is missing - but it was the ones who set out, purposefully to defraud you, I found interest in. I describe the Hourman as a retarded and unconscious being who lives insatiably with short term thinking, personal desires and little empathy for life, intending to use his fellow man specifically by inventing fear for reasons unexplainable. The light had been to the future and all Intelligence was being drawn from within us to complete a future, but was it predetermined, when considering true Power only ever absorbed.

Best Outcome: 'If responsibility followed the path, central to the bandwidth given, of least resistance' Karma would prevail....



Force cost a lot of money and it is fair to say that Words when combustible were totally inefficient in the form of conversation. The real origin of the disciples in ancient knowledge were the 12 signs of the zodiac and our forefathers had seen great changes ahead for life upon Earth, attributing major weather and financial events to the myth of the Emotional archetypes drawn from the moving constellations in the sky. In all cultures it is worthy to note that a rising Sun takes the centre stage of truth over our Word. There must have been a few though who feared this life's discomfort so tragically they set out to conceive the greatest deception over mankind by appropriating the abomination of sacrifice as a part of our life's structure. The tree of knowledge at this point was starting to be consumed by mischief - as the less conscious scribe wrote of such fears  - hideously through Religion. By appropriating himself above any sort of truth though,  he had to see his own face in the mirror without any disgust and so he would confess, but only onto others of similar mind.  All meaning of the Word in this context then must have been reversed - and so in the beginning


Mankind's greatest works could only be fraudulent, lacking any truth of creation........


There is an efficiency dividend to be considered when using the Word. My studies compare our Emotional reactions to innate mechanical Matter; of how a Human reacts when their pride is thrown about like a toy - resulting in anger as compared to a cars engine.  We live in the 21st Century but both engineering wise and emotionally we have regressed much from the ancients written philosophy. When a Man becomes angry <'x' 2>  He became squared and if his value was 0.1x  then he loses all sense & sensibility to the power of ten <0.01x> and ending up like a hot air balloon with almost nil substance, sense or sensibility. Only when a Man divided his conscious Self into his unconscious body could he <x/x> equate to one - a child is born. One is a most important number it indicates a truthful equation in my work: for one rising Sun or one turn of Earth. When a Woman becomes angry though,  <'y'2> at an opposite spectrum of 0.9y then she reduces sensibility only slightly to 0.81y. Which just goes to prove why Men lose arguments when speaking from emotion and usually end up punching a hole in the wall.


Of course I've never done that? but I do know when angry I as a Man am without the beauty of consciousness.........



My youth was founded without the ritual of baptism. My Mother didn't believe in the original sin or many of the stories associated with Man's creation. I was a bastard of a child in distance of a Father yet,  I knew I had passion for Ideas, I can still taste the sweet in each living day so to speak candidly and nothing could ever take that away from within me. I saw the beauty of Nature, heard so much music, gazed at many wonderful signals and felt intrinsically,  information that one could not even begin to try and find counsel for,  let alone want too:  or is able to discover with any meaning for rationally - and I considered there may have been much more to the coincidences  I was given, seeing 11:11 as a student of Universal acceptance. Who?  gave such creed to the empirical imagination and Dreamtime by calling it fantasy, when life had opposite meaning. I purport to say that #FAQ had become the new Sorry. I call it altruism and still I had been classified by the Hourman as a basket case.


A large bright comet passed over the City the night before Christmas.......


I cannot help but find myself consumed in a theory, that Conscious Change must evolve with peace. The God's will have you  Spinning Around in Jupiter the dream said as the Saturnian's macro empire crumbles. My life wasn't defined by this dream before Christmas, but its magic has been a constant that I could not easily share. I started noticing signs everywhere, I was drawing on demand, inciting the Tarot, coding in Numerology and studying many revelations by seeing unique images in tiles, concrete floors, the clouds and so many other coincidences, so natural, that my education for these events would rewrite my own education further than had been given.  The leaven agent for intelligence can only be 'acceptance' - this unexplainable curiosity is precious in many ways for if it is exposed,  will draw a nauseating conflict from ideologists and other unconscious people. After that Christmas day I was left also with  a constant humming noise in my head, but as this noise even though it beleaguered me somewhat at first , willfully has became more of a comfort, than some annoying disease. For the Hourman though the noise must be unsettling over Social Media, as the Heavens pluck the strings of uncertainty and the age of communication directs the masses globally upon his Macro-failed world with so much concern of academics researching such dark matter.


Creation: 'came to all people, when it was encouraged, accepted ' I didn't need to search for any further answers, it just did....


When one studies Mankind's stories, Nothing really adds up or makes sense does it. We have been given this magical gift of the  Word , wonderfully and that does not need answers for as it 'just is' with everyone. Everything I study in the 21st Century has become inefficient and nothing our public servants say adds up to my all empowering One. The way we talk, to the way we do business and the way we care for each other has all become an unconscious act of survival. Our combustion engines certainly couldn't get us to the Moon and the stories of religion are in fact a huge fantasy. What I have found is that the Greatest One is the Word from above and our conscious Mother below provides her matter as energy to recycle our body from carbon. She too must have the same duality if God is with Love. She is the ultimate visual truth and she cannot be happy in seeing her Children starve or see our relationships being destroyed for few pretty printed paper bills. If the Carbon Mother is a depreciated asset like the common folk have become then all must be lost to fate,


 but will the Hourman have won this game?