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NEWS: 25.12.2017



'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'



The Oldest known Living Culture on Earth - 60,000 years of Micro-Economic success


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        by  David Courage Qbe



And the Water had risen on this  land, Vast dry deserts found a new fertility as the waterways of long ago welled again  on the lower plains. Few scholars had understood that the great Mother Earth was in a period of Condensation - and many faced  life,  under Sea. Academics had found science in Consciousness before matter, as the Dreamtime was discovered and as the Word returned, an awakening showed many a priceless balance sheet that could never be depreciated. The collective spirit could only complete the macro-economy  and our Children's future - building a Republic that stood on truth as its foundations, it was not a story. The book of drama, that had cast its fiction over this sacred Island, had been too painful - we needed to worship Matter


Many Islands will be consumed by water & Oceans will lap the streets of many Capital cities.......


A Sovereign Culture had to be recognised as many waterways formed in lake George,  Lake Eyre and the lowlands of the Simpson from pouring rain. Years of Carbon, now being separated from the vapour - through lightning, Storm & destructive floods. The soils now fed on decades of pollution and the inland had become a wondrous green hue. The Murray's full capacity would flow again and our leaders understood  that future crops would have to grow on higher plains,  locally and seasonally, fed from water sources found under the ground in the collective need for food & water security.  Earth was delivering a divine agenda to judge mankind, presented by greater powers than we could understand. The power of life would rise above the Hourman, his P & L sheet thinking, his forced quantitive easing and he would be overwhelmed by a minority, the majority - communicating that climate change was only a Mother's need  to be loved. Our Man needed to collect the Carbon from our skies & 'build a new chapter' with Passion for Science & free Education with sustainable Ideas that  gave us all a succession plan for a family in prophet that we all could revere.


Man was a creator if 'He' was shown a due process towards some Happiness......


There was no happiness working with the simple solutions ('x') of Political wisdom and that certainly had given him no time for himself. Only When consumed in Passion for his work and providing for family,  could a man give to others creatively and productively.  'The Son must not be sacrificed any more for these segregated stories of a past'  As higher processes came to one Constitution, A Sovereign Nation was born. A Queen elected from the oldest known culture on Earth and her bloodline given Powers to teach the greatness of dreamtime,  Consciousness before Matter, needed to give back to our slice of this divine infrastructure. An 'Ark' was formed as the retirement capital of the World with much reason to celebrate as the process + simple solutions in duality together could only deliver change to this struggling economy.


Only  ' Man ' + ' Woman ' =  A Child......


The sacred Mother Earth was finally acknowledged as Matter that Water had given life too: and this alchemical moment of thought is one second of process given to mankind, which religious leaders, politicians and capitalists could not deny. Our soil sky & water would become the new Religion, as a datum of truth that the Elders of Australia had known for 60,000 years. The Oldest known surviving culture on Earth yearned  to share such ancient knowledge of how micro-economic values, if added to the failing Macro systems, could complete life with far better certainty. Reverence for this Island was justified - as a faith in Matter over the complex  stories of moral that had only brought greed, wars & ignorance over the last 2016 years.


She'll be right Mate......


No longer could we speculate of our future when this One World wisdom was destroying life, through in-efficiency that had been taught by self serving scholars who loved stories, quantitive easing and printing a media fixated on apathic desires. A revival of the Aussie spirit brought the new age business man, who with a little coaching profited by using our resources - learning skills to create a true economy. The elected members of Parliament once again had to absorb their  community needs locally in which they were elected to serve.  The condensation towards positive thoughts started processes serving the will of the people, the Electorates need for infrastructure & with an emphasis on serving Prosperity. The public servant now had a clear and precise job description, to promote new business with a helping hand that guaranteed prosperity.


Sovereign Government:


The Government now feared this Earth as 'She' was an object that could be blamed for our wellbeing, for only she brought the cycle of Rain over the garden.  Efficient infrastructure would come from considering Matter as our  'Highest Process' - building many small communities with power resourced locally,  that protected the Environment over the many convoluted stories of resources booms and failures. The people could now prosper with a known Wisdom of priceless & endless collectable resources this Island could give for prosperity.  The aging climate clock would start to unwind as we started to scrub the dirty Industrial chimneys. Accelerants were banned from cigarettes and no longer would cockroach carcases be ground in with Chocolate.  K.P.I.'s became Known Principle Investments and the people awoke to their collective  power in this new age of communication, with ambitions for a better life  Governed by Politicians who finally listened to the greater knowledge found in the People and that would guarantee partnerships with Bankers, fairer business loans, ease of accountability and continuously building services from one administration. H2O was the new business future Human to Optical, that developed an agenda that searched for Quality.


We do without doing - for once we decide to do,  the doing is easy.


Australia had made a move towards life without misery, without wars,  segregation or pollution.  The mandate of the People,  when collectively aligned,  was a  powerful resource for Education, Aged care, democracy, social security and local services such as power, water and sanitization which was of most concern. The level playing fields would have to wait a little longer as we untangled ourselves from a few.  One tax replaced all others, and that tax served consumption when a product was sold or imported. The Government prospered in conscious thoughts, to guide Families away from the complicated rules and regulations over life. Companies were encouraged to find the talent within, to employ the Mentors to coach our students in the development of life skills that could build  infrastructure  from Carbon, Oxygen & Hydrogen. Australian products, services and fast foods became the highest quality possible. Chickens grew in sixty proper days and the health problems of the people abated. Australian Hemp became the innovation for clothes, building materials & medicines, Our Car Industry was now owned locally. We became self reliant without burning heavy Fossil fuels. Every backyard would be given the diversity of power and a water tank locally.


The NBN, Holden & Falcon brands were listed locally as IPO's to serve the Super of Australians......


The common man could now look for the processes he could  best complete, for that was the given skill a Student was given in life  - billions of dollars in new industry created locally. This future Profit funded the overhead cost of Government and our politicians job description became one of diligence, honour & courage to protect the capitol wealth of the Country.  Town planning departments would be taught to search for opportunities that could deliver local infrastructure for the people as a crowd. Our politicians sold the qualities of our great land to the World and we stopped sending our Sons, Daughters, soils and wood chips overseas. 'Value adding' to our endless resources was our destiny and with clean technology, would empower our future with prosperity. Our currency was now equity based against Gold.


A Nation now recognised the truth of 60,000 years culture......


Man is only happy when he is productive & loved. He awakes in the morning wanting to go to work each day to build that  ??  in a team structure. I now have an objective in life, he proclaims, with security. With an efficiently constructed economy, the common man didn't have to give up that car he loved. The V8 engine had been saved by Hydrogen fuels and the car had been improved to collect its own fuels on demand, expelling only clean water vapour. The Defence department undertook local productivity to build a fighter plane in Australia under contract; to build all the Countries protective Infrastructure locally. Cockatoo Island, Fremantle submarine base both became  shipyards again and productive education faculties - University students got their hands dirty learning practical skills  and life became simpler. Ideas to build were funded through developing equity growth and our spirits collectively focused on our land surviving, all colour, all peoples only had one datum; you could be an Aussie. Credit cards were offered at 1% over cost and banks now profited by partnering business over time.


profiting from customer profit to discover true business diligence......


The Government would repair a damaged health system with a  plan to collectively serve Healthcare with  a simple yearly premium. The medical world was given the responsibility for a duty of 100% care in a profession where the responsibility for life came from care and insurance companies would happily pay all the bills through accepting that yearly premium. In a time of financial chaos  suddenly people could see much opportunity from adding a micro business culture. In such, a  conduit would be formed to  diversify the Car Industry by understanding a Man's Passion, who celebrated the best cars ever built.  Rolls Royce, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes & others invested Down-Under, under license, to build the new sustainable technologies. One million new Elders, mentors & tradesmen were sought Worldwide to relocate here, to teach their crafts. Men now needed stimulation and to have passion for their work.  




'Super profits in the new Aussie prosperity boom' 


The addition of Micro-Community development gave the taxpayers endless future investment & this allowed  us too plan for new towns & waterways  with guaranteed returns for the common man.  Our future was now planned to collect the excess water for this harshly dry continent and based on the morals that Australians adhered to, we planned to fix  this old complicated economy by using technology to serve us rather than used us. The Federal Reserve became owned by the People and no longer would we pay a corporation the luxury of continued interest payments that gave no benefit to Australia.


The energy, water & Food  crisis was no longer a threat....


Pollution that had stained the Air  & Water would be collected and reborn to new structural elements as Caltex, now wholly Australian owned, drilled for the water locally using its huge resources. More people were needed to help the prosperity boom as the new inland waterways formed industries. Unemployment was now a problem of the past. The  Datum equalled the Rainbow Serpents intention for life,  its own truth born from the dreamtime to create the future as our destiny. No longer would the Australian male fight for the stories and fears created by men. There could be no if's and buts' with Earth as the datum for life as it  was a simple truth to understand. Every person could now understand Matter and how their presence affected others on this great Island. The talk of  deficits ceased as we understood our balance sheet was priceless - and that wealth could only be complete by using those resources efficiency. The years ahead will be founded in,



Equilibrium, Sublimation, Condensation, Absorption, Transcendence & an Awakening




The greater Aussie spirit was 'She'll be right Mate'. The growth of the shared economy had shown us a need to invest our capitol in appreciation schemes that absorbed People,  with partnerships over long time frames and ones that  hedged the capitol for its shareholders, who then would not be sacrificed by a FIAT system that was run by algorithms and did not guarantee success. Legislation over  the Share markets brought time dependence to investment and guarantees of the initial capitol investment; for it was that protection that would compound for the wealth of People.  The future of an aging society was better considered by encouragement to be busy, collaborating with students who could learn life skills practically from a Mentor, who  also ensured the Elders future was grown and protected always. The Government would start, the ignition to  fund all of our needs by growing and harvesting the balance sheet in growth outcomes.....


that completed the failing Macro systems.......


Creating the ways of building a future cleanly, gave irony  to protecting the soil & sky as the prescriptive requirement for this ancient land. Government ministers  encouraged investment in Micro-Economics as the foundation of economy built by strength and courage. Prosperity and opportunity started with reverence of this magnificent land, the oldest bloodline known on Earth. Our Sky and soil and water could not be harmed in any way anymore in Sovereignty. As the Carbon was collected from Industries transition, the fog disappeared around the minds of many - as rain, lightning and thunder cleansed and scrubbed our skies. Educating the importance of self & sharing, showed why, consideration was needed to  respect this land and.....


Showed,  how bloody good it was to be alive...... 


Positively :


Public Servants under a Sovereign Government had a clear objective, to measure outcomes of 'How?'  the constituents needs should be served. The members would crowd-fund collectively through their own communities interest, working out how to implement the people's needs with  the best processes. These initiatives were long term projects built  continuously through Philosophy, hedging against our own equity grown on endless plains, funding engineering and creative Ideas from development profits we controlled. To represent the peoples will against a known datum that represented all truth allowing the people prosper from starting their day from a 100% efficient position.  Solutions + Processes that equalled a mandate for one Constitution.


The ignition to start an engine was in the spark and the spark for prosperity was in the  Word......




'Value adding'  to our endless natural gifts with home grown skills  was the basis to provide jobs. No chemical change to composition was tolerated any more that ruined the sky and product recycling had to become a complete process of rebirth. Protect our capitol by hedging our dollars against Gold dear Prime Minister as that allows us to finance our future in the wealth underground, delivering objective currency that cannot be created from nothing - a defensive mechanism, that protects our environment & capitol from some insidious quantitive printed money scheme that destroyed our student's future by being buried in foreign debt and that debt inhibited all growth of the future by lining the pockets of a select chosen few. 




The people how to start and prosper in business with less complexity - Maybe One Tax & the Politician who cared? Show where the responsibility is naturally founded within each of our lives and benchmark this truth against our Islands sovereignty - The Ark is discovered. How to benchmark our existence to a datum that we can actually see, feel and touch. By showing that Earth gives us life for happiness not for all someone else's created segregated stories over moral.


The Architect:


Carbon was a well received product. Stronger than steel and more tensile with glass. It could be added to structure and it could be collected easily. It became a great  radiator of  heat and it was the best insulation; it  absorbed. It looked great and was easily reused. It was compact and powdery and its reformation was a simple procedure,  it recycled completely. Revitalize the old historic sites and acres using graduate university students under the supervision of real tradesmen, the mentors of the past. There were so many thousands of large 'Too Hard' to deal with sites that lay dormant. Give our University graduates an opportunity to learn practical skills on the job, with dirty hands, to see their drawings evolve on a real building site.


Engineering :


Let our University students face the reality of building projects from day one as an engineer or Architectural student. Throw them in the deep end and watch them swim in the greatest business plan ever conceived to self perpetuate income, with no Hecs debt. Men loved to maintain and refurbish machines, it was one of Man's greatest Passions in life - sensuality in Engineering. We had lost the ability to maintain our own cars,  control lost to corporations & regulations. The car must go back to the common man. Quality was proudly Australian -  to build,  use  and maintain was only second - to our first love. A Car that ran on a clean energy, maintained using the best Australian Oils and as a past time that need instilled pride and joy. Using the endless resources of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen to build and move was simply ancient knowledge; and these elements collected were as natural as life itself. The Insulation, the energy carrier and the source of energy. Build not just the wind farm generator but include other sources of power and make that bugger generate electricity when there is no wind. Scrub our chimneys for Carbon using water and collect Carbon to use as a structural element.


Give the common man a starting point that is 100% and watch as he prospers......




As a Word basically means Free - It was in free education - It was free to move & build infrastructure efficiently when it was completed. It could be interpreted as being a word used when given to a sense of achievement.  Funding life in Power, aids entrepreneurs to  profit all from common sense.  Let our aging population pass on their skills, on site, in an environment that helps them to grow the security of their equity with creative student who want to learn away from a computer.  The poor are in need of infrastructure always and with a helping hand from the Old Boys, graduates & the power of community,  allows one to consider that new skills can come in a free education system where they learn how? with the fundamental privilege of getting one's hands dirty.


A Tradesmen's University and Micro-Community and it is free to attend......




Collect from the water and move it 24 hours a day. 'The Worlds ice reserves are being depleted'  Running water, that which conducts, is Power, Life and Positive for all life's activities. Our oil companies should manufacture the best oils. Scrub and refine the Waste as a new direction for the business. Employ & create resources that clean our waterways using the refineries capacity for oxygenation and bring about a condition that allows life to come back to our waterways. Lets build the pipeline that connects all states to places of excess water using waste products - McDonalds recycled containers and plan to build this composite waste pipeline over the next twenty years. Show all Communities the benefit of investment in the future with equity growth & water. Create the water supplies for towns and communities locally by digging the foundations that help our rivers flow. Absorb all this great resource of Water that is coming our way. Bring life to the outback with new industry that is clean,


planning to use that excess waters, as we could surely could use that resource out here in the heat......



The consciousness of this accelerated World is being enlightened in the new Age of Communication on mass; by a need, from a collective power demanding change for our Children's destiny under those leaders who care.  Choose wisely,  for in this period of Equilibrium, Sublimation, Condensation, Absorption, Transcendence & Awakening - only  our conscious views over what we can't have is now shown to be ignorance. Save your Children from the stories of the past by showing them prosperity & security for life under these Higher Processes. Built a nation damaged by poor Words and show creative prosperity for home grown manufacturing and construction. The designs are in us, right here, we just need the business men to wake up from the current depleted time methods that employ greed, Ego and temptation. We can make our Idea's real by demanding ancient knowledge is understood of how....


We are standing on the shoulders of giants......