An Australian Queen


She'll be right mate


To propagate a vision for reconciliation & a republic  only the minds of a few needed to be encouraged, to govern the oldest known living culture on Earth - by changing one word in the Constitution. Our hope for the future could only lie in the genius of our Kids who are being awoken to more Drama  than the true 60,000+ years of history in our own ancient micro-culture;  and  considering the  exponential growth in communications - intelligence must become the metaphoric hero of this story.   A Republic model that adds value from the heart for Earth's first People; seven nations who have survived for so long without the fiction of mankind, manipulated language bastardry or printed monetary systems. The awakening to our true ancient culture therefore, could only create the dreamtime for never ending celebration of the true Australian culture ......


the first Woman on Earth......


There is better intentions for the Word, 'Economy' - when one understands theatre and the dramatically powerful novels written about it. We as a Country paid interest continuously to a Foreign controlled Bank and that factor alone warranted more consideration, for the People to  own  this Island's priceless balance sheet; But! To sell this Republic model to the People, its Vision must have been contemplated, with courage for  policies that  served the People. Who will become the head of state?  What will be the title? will  our currency be aligned to our endless mineral resources and its People?  and what about just One Tax? an Online Voting system? Human engineering was for compliance over the last two hundred odd years; and yet all Patriarchal economies in history have failed.  There was no doubt in the youth that divisive Politics,  media Drama and these pecuniary forces had only benefited a few.  It is not hard to agree  that foreign owned Debt over our Children's education  is an appallingly stupid way of funding Education. We needed to celebrate the endless beauty of this Island home,  it's ancient Culture & the first People. We needed to own the farm and we needed completion in our failed Macro texts. The new Republic also had to solve so many of the divisive issues that went on and on.


Creation does not require Money, it requires Creation


It is an academic's position, that 20 times profit is available to the bottom line if our resources have value added to them by Australian's getting their hands dirty before our products are sold.   We do make the best steel products in Australia, we did build a mans passion into the cars right here and we did make the best Clothing, our hands have been exceptional for many millennia - our spirit, second to none. We do have researched & legislated guidelines,  prescriptive regulations and our design capacity is first class. We seem to be stuck in the past with debates about deficits, Hindsight, Personal Abuse, Cost cutting & economic refugee's and many divisive issues from a few; when all of this is quite irrelevant, understanding that our wage's are recycled locally seven times and this builds economy from the bottom up.   Quality profits a Country much greater than Quantity does and the word Quality resonates with the passion shown in the Aussie spirit.


She'll be right mate, a bloodline Queen as Head of State?


Australia's economic debate is also relatively stupid and must be purposely as the World profits from our resources and pays for these minerals by creating money that has no equity - and how sad this has been shown for the environment & sustainability. It is the P & L sheet that fails to impress upon intelligence when  inferior products made from our own timbers & Ores, the oldest, tallest and best timbers in the World  are sold to overseas manufacturer's, chipped and we buy these back as filthy MDF board. Those timbers would make the best furniture on the Planet and those cheap Tee's, well I'm sorry, but they're just not as good as ours. Products dumped on our shore are inferior and that can be directly appropriated to the products seen that do not perform and have no repair factor or service back up. Consider this disadvantaged position the People suffer has been created specifically, by those who lobby Governments with Political funding. Every Macro economy has failed in History.


Just One more corruption possible?


The irony for economists and policy makers when  talking about deficits is that there is so much Gold underground, we'll never be able to find it all. The proletariat has become meaner and nastier in this endless economic debate so, there is a need intrinsically to break free  from this convoluted life on offer and rebuild Australia as a Republic by adding Quality product outcomes to our own Iron Ore, Gold and precious minerals. The complexities over life's struggle has driven the common folk towards madness with 20% efficient power,  100's taxes, many Road tolls,  endless Fees on savings accounts, stamp duties, levies, loans 15% above reserve rate,  copper fraud-band,  left dumbfounded - wondering where the money is going to come from to feed the family.


An Australian Queen......the Bloodline of this Land?


Change one word 'Commonwealth' in the constitution to 'Sovereign Nation' for the air we breath, the water we drink and against the few who are wrecking this ancient culture with fictional morality. In partnership, collectively  our Children must remove these barnacles that hold back our flow into a shared economy by showing our leaders that  the two animals that adorn our emblem that only move forward.  Investing in the oldest known continuously living culture on Earth is a mandate for a never ending celebration of equality.  It is only the Word 'Creation' that will be shown in the future by our Children,  to be have been overshadowed by such hindsight,  as  for the past 60,000 years our People survived by employing the Hands, that made  Australia greater than stories - We live on the 'Ark' and this Island is floating magically in a sea of possibilities for a better peace on Earth.


Skill - Knowledge - University - Trades - Community - Haecceity