NOW ONLINE: 25.12.2017 


'United Nations may Prophet in balance sheet Vision'



the Queen of Christmas

'x' + 'y' = One



A Vision of Trust - to develop communities for the seven ancient cultures, as a non for profit investment strategy to relieve the taxpayer's economic and emotional concerns. A destiny for Ancient Knowledge to again teach the culture of successful economy, the original peoples survival abilities,  technology & micro-economic structures as Students & Grandparents come together to build a new Vision  in Cultural research, community and tourism for an Island Paradise. A dormant economic crowd, given a chance to find economy in Equilibrium, to complete the Macro's fragile need to  settle this continued political perjury over refugee  Children. Great Elder, reach to the clouds, can we make Christmas Island secure financially,  in design, for those to given a leg up and  see the skill  given to the original Seven cultures of ancient Earth 


no cost to the Government or Middle Class taxpayer?


A productive environment collectively encourages considerable growth for a balance sheet & there will again be no Christmas, on Christmas Island this year while our profit & loss economics continues to spread suffering emotionally and financially.  A community development thesis in Trade skills adding value to an Island resort, efficiently with clean energy & sustainable tourism. The seven original people's Ελένη, for the future of peace.  135 square kilometres of baron land developed into an International sacred place for Matter. Seven valuable Micro-Educational forums to work out how to complete the Systemic Failures of the Macro.


'Kunapipi,  Reach to the Clouds......'


The Queen of Christmas. It is possible to facilitate some Dreamtime here serendipitously, deliciously, for what is possible, consciously. Education in micro-community development. Cause and effect, said Einstein, is just simple literature. Imagine, The oldest known cultures of Earth, 'Our skilled Elders...' creating the 'Greatest business plan ever 11:11:Ελένη' - new pathways of real growth for economy. Complete the old Macro-World Woman with administration for - Mentor's & Coaches,  Grandparent's and Student's; an unused, dormant economic resource, and lets make Christmas special 'She'll be Right Mate' ANZ working with the UN in 'massive' equity development appreciating culture of ancient knowledge. 


Consciousness before Matter has been proven by Science.......


Courage, abdicates a convention in all of us  to grow the balance sheet, micro-activity has the potential in diversity, endless as an equation - relieving the tax payers, from billions of dollars in human cruelty with nil equality. A vision that also encourages 'Blue Sky' mining our Chief Scientist has demanded for research. A Vision to benefit Australia with seven new productive communities, for the potential in Christmas Island's name alone and for our collective (& Earth's emotional) welfare. A key proposal was the implementation of  One tax for the new Sovereign Australian State. An Island developing a community model of  future BCA policies so our multi-cultural society leaves its image forever as a truly magnificent and truer foundation for our Children.


Prophet in life,  'x' + 'y' = 100% profit......


What if ? the new technologies are in Scientific development of our eco-systems, training, education and Hands On skills. Seven Communities founded for Earth, our ancient Avatar of the people.   Beautiful Minds and seven tropical resort styled communities. Could we draw in an agenda to build massive economic growth in local equities, using Equilibrium economics to build the infrastructure. Our BCA codes surely could use an overhaul in creating this near future.  'I'm looking forward to seeing  local community Food &  Music Festival' a Celebration of Life for some smart students getting dirty hands.


Equilibrium:  'When a Minority, the Majority - Work together for the  benefit of all'......


Can there not be Free education ?  are we not smart enough to use the  buzz words, the environment is all we've got. Being a part of the oldest known culture brings thoughts of the Rainbow Serpent, Consciousness before Matter, the well-fare of mankind, considering the soil & sky have been revered here for over 60,000 years. Great constitutional guidance to employing for processes that  learn from Indigenous cultures worldwide - the elders of this sacred Island sharing a datum of successful outcomes generated over eon's of time.  I see Christmas being a present to World leaders, as a complementary economic vision far better than


 the continuation of 'Drama' and the talk of Detention for another 30 years ......


A Trade University community,  designed to self perpetuate sustainably,  growing community from the bottom up, through serving marginalized people, is Courage's vision,  'value add to Australia's endless resources' - the People,  rather than  incarcerates people behind bars as animals. Sustainable micro-community worldwide could be an Australian licensed Vision, used for third world countries that struggle, in educating them in given skills to be self-reliant, learning technology for  growing crops, sourcing water from underground and revitalizing land while teaching


Children in the most beautiful parts of the World - a  multi-cultural revolution. ......


Collecting water as Courage points out adds certainty to dry land as does a practical education add to a skilled economy, showing how we can to survive this ensuing period of rising water. A free Education initiative developed for the driest Country on Earth.  The future Headline news 'Visit the Oldest known cultures of Earth'  encouraging +50 year old people to live and pass on their practical life skills to students. A priceless tropical Island hedged by prophet & growth. A need for graduate students Worldwide to loose the #HECS debt and to employ a unique Australian quality, to get one's hands dirty? Our true power is in completing this failure we know of as the Macro,  bringing 'y' to the equation. 


In his latest interview 2016 - Courage said.....


There are too many depreciated properties lying dormant. Resurrecting these assets with education and  Science would add much Value to any economy - a powerful aid the UN should discuss.  The development of Cultural assets can only serve our dry country, while building upon prosperous ideas with young passionate minds concerned of how to tackle the issues of rising waters, refugee influx, eighty million people by 2050 and the need of Policy for those who struggle.  Develop our skills base further and celebrate Christmas with Kunapipi, the  avatar of the first people to be enlightened on Earth.


'Our  graduates may help another community grow in another part of the World as infrastructure for others struggling.'......


Announcing today that a facility for a united Arts culture would present as Ideas of how? a positive vision could solve the emotional crisis being played out on Earth. Christmas Island could empower Australian Policy, by uniting the seven Indigenous people of Earth worldwide. Such a Faculty could provide a constant stream of students, Equity for Elders in coaching one on one and value for the collective consciousness of People who  are paid to show how much better we really can be.


'A profitable Christmas serving the truth of 60,000 years history.'......


An  international styled education model, 'Christmas Island' providing the faculties for Architecture, construction, the Arts, philosophy & Law - Life cultures - Old skills and Value added equity - with the Australian soil, water & air  as the datum of truth. Prosperity for Australia  is in creation of our future and with Students and Old Boys who want to be a  part of a national objective that paves the way for a clean energy future and much less Drama.


'Value add to Christmas could be Australia's gift to Humanity - by 2017'