Therefore, the Word shall set up the adversaries of Saturn against him:

and so joined his enemies will destroy him as a crowd





When one studies Physics, science & theology - when drifting through so many calculations, cuneiform tablets and written philosophy, every person comes back to a magnificent full stop. We have theorized the quantum, Consciousness, Relativity and so much more but in the existence of all that surrounded us not one theory had accurately explained the Dark Matter to date - Intentions. The Mandelbrot sets, the fractal mathematics of chaos and the boson string theorists all came back to one noun, God, yet that Word could not be a noun. It was insolent to even try to conceive a name for the seed of life, for the Word was all powerful, and God was within us as consciousness - the gift bestowed on an unconscious machine to separate it from being the beast. But some Men were fully unconscious, a wilder beast - and these Poets had created a heartbeat for the word so it could rise and fall, to consume all that  gave them pleasure. It was the simple irrelevance of time alone they used over the masses that  became in-sequential  to space to describe empathy as a P & L sheet. And time alone could not have relevance without space for these Human beings, as they could not accept  that everything came from nothing - that nothing had ever started without the Word. And so, everything the great leaders proclaimed had become so much greater by naming themselves in biblical texts - above God. The good book had become the divider of Men. So truth in the Word could be our only true protection for one's life against the facts,   you are led to believe in and none shall coerce you towards the great deception  when you remain  a constant, of knowing  within, right from wrong. So try, Falsify your intentions towards others and watch as you face the Universal gift of Karma.


John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word" ......


The stories of the fraudulent scribes were not easily interpreted, purposely - and their true meaning was written with such adverse rhythm of prose  that  their stories had enabled a few to manipulate the Intention given to even justify,  moral over consuming your Children. The script in Hollywood events is sickening when used to control a majority, in fear, so overwhelming that we could not accurately begin to describe such a person without feeling sick. We all would die at some stage and this fact alone presented the one's who could hear, within, irony to doubt the integrity of these parables as just the folly of a few.  And so many scholars had found clues in these events  attributing their understanding for sales of their books, maybe in greed, to market a revelation over events to that only an Hourman could conceive. We all would be judged, but only by the words we had delivered upon others and specially, for those of poorer intention. Two thousand years celebrating the crucifixion of our Son was a sickness and sacrifice was at the core of their conviction. With blood stained on their hands, they secretly preyed to an idol, Money - the master of time. For sixty thousand years prior though, the ancients had lived with a much greater conviction for the Matter, Earth, across the globe, when none had committed to such savagery and this was not a parable or some prophecy of moral. It was the truth that had not needed to be written, as left with meaning in beautiful artifacts made by the hands of true masters of the conscious admiration for what we could, together achieve using the Word.


Mark 4:9 "He who has ears to hear, should listen,  for He will understand" ........


And so it was, the 'end of days' was presented. Yet could these words simply be,  the instrument of fear used specifically by the intention of a few Hollywood bankers - who consider Money greater than the Word given by above.  The original gift of Word was enlightenment. This page could not be interpreted and you could not be reading this, for the word was almighty in its gift to Mankind.  It was the true weapon of mass destruction that reduced our adversaries to tears, who woke up only seeing Evil in their mirror. The final blood Moon, the crossroads,  the Tribulation, a day of atonement, Judgment Day, End of Days - the words went on and on. The great cleansing of Mankind was scribed in parables as prophecy, but the day of Sabbath could only come true if it was decoded and enacted upon;  and seemingly, to many,  is specific for events so disturbing, so damned the reason could not be understood. The Harbinger, the seven Horseman, revelations are in reality all just dramatic fictions that some have acclaimed as God's Word, 'He came to me' - but are we just overwhelmed by the constructed coincidences of a few, for it must be within,  that these pathetic people suffered. Drama  is the only outcome for pathetic people who give reason to such an unconscious state. In reality, it is sad when these Economists could not hear the voice within, that greater power of conscious Self that  knew truth was  one's only real protection. The seven x seventh Shemitah lands on 923, when 'all debt will be rescinded'  - a Day when the greatest one, it was reported, so dramatically, would bring judgment on the faithful. Were Evil Men planning to contrive technology over this event into some form of meaning - for themselves to judge others? The HAARP may soon play but it won't be a frequency given by above.


The abomination of Desolation......


But could it be that God, the unspeakable, the great unknown mystery, could not but only love each and everyone of us; and that the greatest gift was the frequency 'forgiveness' and that those who manipulated  Word in rhetorical stories would face the cleansing of their own souls through Abomination and desolation as their soul rose to above. Could the greatest fear we could imagine was in the afterlife - where judgment was in reality, only be for all our mischief, which we had created over this matter, we are suppose to love, our Mother Earth - and will we be judged against our brothers and sisters who we have mistreated. Could the greatest fear of Mankind be to face the dark matter of those spirits we had deceived and hurt. It is worthy to note justice may be so great that like our own Hourman's principles, it could not be described. When you hear the divided stories and reasons for Religious wars, when you live  for material artifacts and unconscious recognition, just remember, it is the  Children who are being abused and tortured for stories of those who only have contempt for who should be loved and who should not -  and that these stories are not from the greatest one but, created for purpose into division. The next major drama is nearby, but within, you know now that it will be aligned to the stories of unscrupulous Men who have manifest these tragedies, specifically, to align with that, which is not God, for he can only be found when you search for conscious meaning within your 'Self'


Fear the afterlife Saturn,  for you will be judged by those spirits you have devoured - Amen'al......