A New Way of providing


A Micro-Economic Vision




'When a Minority, the Majority, work Together for the benefit of all'




What if there was a Professional Vision that could add much value to the Healthcare debate - and simply, in completing the Macro system that can not evolve from being - incomplete?  A business Vision that could add value to every electorate, with savings to facets of Health care, with preventive health  providing a  skilled development platform for Micro-Community economy. What if that idea also grew the economy by relieving billions of dollars from taxpayers costs. What if that Vision funded itself? and What if the equity we have in our Health System became the investment powerhouse that also provided 100% cover of the total cost of service?


Game Theory economics ......


It may be unusual to approach the subject in such a way, but  by understanding the magnificence of Innovation we can start the improve the professional  charter of Healthcare for Australian's without further Government Hindsight. 'Game Theory Economics' completing the Macro-Health systems - by adding much value to its Charter.  A thesis in micro-economics, considers the collective,  partnership, empowering Student's, University Education, Science medical research & the Sustained development of Medical technology with 'Blue Sky' thinking, the Chief Scientist speaks of at the National Press Club - and Yes it will be labelled 'as this and that' but the need is so great  to relieve pain that these fears must be overcome. A Vision dedicated to a sustainable future in Healthcare, by inspiring our leaders to consider the benefits of  Nutrition with equitable outcomes. 


a Beautiful Mind......


The Medical Profession has a written 'Quality Health Charter' against legislation 'to care for people' & the Government has 'to administer the budgets'. If we could show how to marry - preventive medicines, finance, building & maintenance of our public health system then the conversation surely could not be overlooked. John Nash's Nobel prize winning 'Game Theory Economics' is based upon people work together for the benefit of all. Together building new infrastructure for Health by complimenting the Macro-Agenda with Nutrition at the micro level, for every community - Can we afford to continue poisoning people for big pharma's P&L trading sheet? as it is forecasted our population will double over the next century. We know life style planning can save the macro-economy & tax payers huge amounts of money, by keeping the People well.


Leaders, leading the way forwards......


First hand, we all see the poor state of many Hospitals, the suffering in treating symptoms and this Micro-Economic  thesis focuses  on micro-level engagement, community development & nutrition  at the core prior to any drug treatments. By  showing the Minister for health care, how to counsel those with sickness, we can have a better approach using the magnificence of the Human body.


We want 100% cover from our Insurance providores, we have documented preventive health measures against legislation and we want  the best & cleanest health care facilities. It is most critical for the economy that will save billions of dollars  if the system stops the endless discussions of  symptom relief. There are better ways, in this new shared economy, as One, by adding  empathy to the Macro World's incompleteness. The hardest working professionals are in Medicine, who are being abused by Science for big dollars. The world is being awoken to the magnificence of inner health, preventive measures in lifestyle & the exponential costs to the taxpayer, well we're all seeing our money going mostly to Drug companies.


We can complete this system simply by adding Micro-Health principles.


Skill - Knowledge - University - Trades - Community - Haecceity

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